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Stretch Formed Nozzles Engineered for Improved Flow and Reduced Wear

1. Reduced wear

2. Improved flow

3. Stretch forming nozzles with diameter of up to 500mm possible

4. Manufacturing technique has been tried and tested for over 10 years

5. Stretch forming nozzles with plate thickness of up to 16mm possible

Stretch formed nozzles on feedpot illustration depicting flow

Shown here on a feed distributor for a cyclone cluster used at a platinum mine, the stretch formed nozzles assist with improving efficiencies

Without the stretch formed nozzles, flow is restricted and wear points obvious (above left) while the stretch formed nozzle assists optimum flow (above right)

stretch formed nozzles
nozzles on tank

The highlighted area above clearly shows the optimum interface created between the nozzle and the tank that is achieved through our technique

Another cyclones cluster showing the stretch formed nozzles mounted radially on the pot

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